Jenny Lai

Jenny Lai is a Barrister-at-Law of Lincoln’s Inn in UK. She was admitted to the Singapore Bar in 1994 and she established her own practice in 1996 at the age of 28. With passion, compassion and perseverance, over the years, she mastered the art of practising law and came to specialize in the areas of family law, real estate and conveyancing, Wills, trusts and probate.

As an experienced and astute lawyer, Jenny provides valuable legal advice to clients who find themselves in difficult situations. As a family lawyer for more than two decades, Jenny has handled a myriad of cases ranging from the simple divorces to the extremely acrimonious ones that lasted for years and involved experts such as psychologists. Since divorces are often emotionally-charged, Jenny handles each case with understanding and dedication but maintaining appropriate assertions where necessary. In the process, strong and trusted relationships are established and sometimes friendships are fostered.

As a conveyancing lawyer, she has completed many multi-million dollars transactions and handled countless complicated transactions such as those involving unregistered land, state land or trusts – many of these were completed within a short time frame. Jenny is a member of the Conveyancing Committee since 2015 and will continue to contribute so as long as entrusted with the task.

Jenny also advises on estate planning, contract law and a multitude of other areas of law. She has successfully made representation and pleaded for reduced sentencing for clients involved in criminal cases. Despite her busy schedule, Jenny actively participates in grassroot work and contributes her legal expertise at legal clinics so as to help those in need.


  • Committee Member of Conveyancing Committee since 2015
  • Committee Member of The Law Society Family Law Practice Committee from 2015 to 2022
  • Member of The Law Society Family Justice Support Scheme.
  • Associate Mediator with The Law Society of Singapore
  • Accredited SMC Family Law Mediator
  • Active Mediator with the Family Court Legal Clinic and the Small Claims Tribunal
  • Court-appointed Family Law Mediator with the Family Justice Courts
  • Newly appointed to the CJC’s Panel of Primary Justice Lawyers.
  • Completed the Harvard Law School Negotiation and Leadership programme
  • Commissioner for Oaths
  • Notary Public